Our Brews:

114 IPA     

East Coast IPA with Gobs of top shelf ingredients 

6.5% ABV

Forbidden Fruit: Apple Ale


Me So Hoppy: DBL IPA

Citrus bomb of orange, grapefruit & lemon


Nude Beach: Plum Ale

All local beach plums, honey, lemon verbena & hops



Liquid Sunshine: Wheat Ale

Local lemon verbena, lemon peel & local honey



Dune Cottage: Saison

Made with fresh lemon thyme, wild ragosa & peppercorn


Uflaffen:  IPA

Hints of grapefruit & Bavarian mandarina



(631) 749-5977

     Open: Everyday Noon-Dark

Our Story

"Great warm, unique and friendly atmosphere. Brews are imaginative, varied and delicious. And, the food treats are well chosen, perfectly flavored and satisfying too!"

"Such an epic experience. If you haven't been you're missing out!"

Our Flight

Shelter Island is a scenic jewel nestled between the North and South forks of Long Island, NY. This natural beauty inspired the birth of Shelter Island Craft Brewery and our art of small-batch, hand crafted brewing.

Experience the unique aromas and flavors that only TLC and passion, combined with natural and local ingredients can produce.

Every sip will bring you back to this happy place.